Master Program

*Download :Rules & Regulations of the Master Program (Aug. 2011 revised)

The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Program was founded in 2003. Half of the students are Taiwanese citizens and the other half are foreigners. We warmly welcome diversity. Our students come from 24 different countries with different educational background and variety of work experience.

The class of 2006 initially had 115 students, of which 74 are international students, our IMBA Family has been gradually growing and is expected to become larger and more diverse.

In today’s world where international cooperation and collaboration are growing trends, our program aims to develop and sharpen students’ business skills to manage enterprises in a global environment. Furthermore, through the interaction between local and foreign participants, our students are able to obtain insightful knowledge of culture differences and cross-culture understanding.

The NCKU International MBA program provides our students:

  • A deep understanding of the theories in the various fields of management
  • Better business problem-solving ability on every management problem
  • A properly balanced education in analysis and application in the competitive business world
  • Opportunities to become professional managers and excellent leaders with international business perspectives
  • Awareness of the fast-changing technology and competitive force of business
  • Cross-cultural interaction, negotiation and cooperation between our foreign and local students

From our Graduate Degree Program, our students will not only be able to utilize new ways to integrate their practice of business leadership with the academic education, but also able to establish their international network around the world. In addition to this, with the government’s active promotion of the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, this program provides local and international excellent professors to offer our students a breadth of international professionalism.