Course Information

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Length of Study

The Master Program must be completed within 2 to 4 years for international students and 2 to 5 years for local students.  The scholarship for international students expires 24 months after enrollment.

Pre-requisite Courses

Pre-requisite Courses Statistical Methods
Managerial Economics
Managerial Accounting
  1. All Master students, including students in suspension, are required to take the three pre-requisite courses if they have not previously taken these courses at a graduate or undergraduate level. An exemption is possible if students have already taken the course at an undergraduate or graduate level.  Students are required to submit an application for Course Exemption within 4 weeks after the first day of enrollment period of first semester.
  2. An exemption is possible if students have already taken the course at an undergraduate or graduate level.  Students are required to submit an application for Course Exemption within 4 weeks after the first day of enrollment period of first semester.
  3. The pre-requisite courses must be completed within two years after enrollment.
  • If the pre-requisite courses are not exempted, students must complete them within two years after enrollment.
  • If students take pre-requisite courses in IIMBA during the summer, they will be credited in the coming Fall semester.  However, these courses will NOT be counted as part of the required thirty-nine (39)   course credits necessary to graduate.

Course Requirement

The Master program requires each student to fulfill a minimum of forty-five (45) credits consisting of thirty-nine (39) credits for course work and six (6) credits for the thesis.

Notes: the calculation of Grand Average Grade at Graduation will be:

1) Average Grades During the Academic Years — 50%

2) Thesis                                                                     — 50%

Of the thirty-nine course credits required, the following courses must be included:

  1. At least one (1) methodology course
  2. Seminar in Business Management (After having successfully completed at least eighteen (18) credit hours including at least one (1) methodology course)
  3. Three (3) other core courses (additionally taken core courses will be counted as electives)
  4. Eight (8) elective courses

Taking Courses in Other Departments

Students may take business related graduate-level courses in other departments under the College of Management (i.e. EMBA, AMBA) with the following restrictions,

  1. A maximum of six (6) credits coursework can be accepted. Thus, credits that have already been waived during your first month of Year 1 will be counted toward the quota for the maximum number of credits allowed.
  2. Credits from courses taken in other departments cannot be counted as credits of your major. These credits can only be used as your electives credits. That is, you must complete all your core courses in the IIMBA program.
  3. You are not allowed to take a course in another department if that same course is offered in the IIMBA program in the same semester.
  4. Students who want to take courses in other departments must consult with their advisor/the IIMBA office before registering for the course.

Course Reference

Pre-requisite courses
Managerial Economics
Managerial Accounting
Statistic Methods
(must take at least 1)
Business Research Methods  RA60500
Business Decision Methods  RA70700
Qualitative Research Methods  RA62400
Research Methods in Social Science (RA73500)
Seminar course (Required)
after taking at least 18 credits of course work including 1 methodology course
Seminar in Business Management  RA50200/RA50201
Fundatmental  courses
must take 3 at least
Area 1
Strategic and Marketing
Marketing Management   RA60700
Strategic Management
Area 2
Finance and Accounting
Financial Management  RA50100
Financial Markets and Institutions  RA52800
Area 3
IT、Operations and Decision
Production and Operations Management  RA62000
Management Information System  RA62200
Elective Courses Advertising Management RA54400
Business Ethic and Law  RA52000
Consumer Behavior  RA60600
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
Human Resource Management  RA61800
Industry Analysis
International Business Management  RA63000
International Marketing Management RA63100
International Negotiation and Communication   RA51800
Leadership Theory and Practice  RA53100
Marketing Strategy  RA54100
Organizational Theory and Management   RA60300
Promotion Strategy  RA53000
Organizational Behavior  RA61300
Cross-Cultural Management
High Technology Marketing and Strategy  RA53600
International Trade  RA61400
Seminar in Human Resource Management  RA50300
Service Marketing RA62100
Strategic Management  Theory
Marketing Theory
International Business Theory
Business Tax Strategy
Financial Derivatives
Financial Statement Analysis
International Finance  RA52300
Investments  RA53400
Business Ethic and Information Security  RA50900
Communication Network  RA52400
E-Business and Supply Chain Management RA60400
E-Commerce  RA62900
Knowledge Management RA54200
Multinational Operations Management  RA62600
Project Management  RA54000
Quality Management  R253000
(Operational) Risk Management  RA53800
Service Operation Management  RA50500
Strategic Information System  RA53700
Technology Management  RA53500
Seminar in International Management
PhD courses
allowed master to take
Marketing Modeling (PhD)   RA52700
Corporate Governance (PhD)  RA53900
Financial Pricing (PhD)  RA53300
Theory of Finance (PhD) RA52900
Virtual Team Management  RA54300